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                    the research, development and

                    production of wallpaper. The company is

                    located in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang

                    province, with convenient transportation



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                    How should wall covering choose? I'll tell you how to lay it.

                    How should wall covering choose? I'll tell you how to lay it.

                    2021/01/26 16:30
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                     In the process of home decoration, many people like to buy wall covering to decorate their walls, so that their rooms can reflect more personalized.  However, there is a problem: when we go to the soft clothing market to buy wall covering, we are often lost in the dazzling array of wall covering and do not know where to start.  In fact, there are ways to do this. What are the ways?  After buying it back, how do you lay it?

                     1. Decide on the material quality of wall covering according to its spatial nature

                     Each space has its own use characteristics. For example, in open spaces such as living rooms, you can choose materials with moderate price and scratch resistance, such as PVC plastic wall covering.  In private spaces such as bedrooms, it is suggested to choose wall covering with soft atmosphere and paper wall covering with good environmental protection and ventilation effect.

                     2. Selection by Budget

                     With the progress of science and technology in wall covering, materials and technologies are constantly being updated. There are different price choices in terms of materials, durable functionality and styles. After the total budget is determined, the decision is made according to the priority of attaching importance to categories.

                     3. Confirm the chemical content and wear resistance coefficient

                     Smell the material surface near wall covering to see if there is any peculiar smell. If the smell is heavier, there is the possibility of higher content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde, which should be carefully selected.  Or, under the permission of the store owner, wipe the paper surface slightly with a wet cloth that has been wrung out. If decolorization or delamination easily occurs, it means that the abrasion resistance coefficient of the surface layer is weak.

                     4. In addition to color, we should know more about material characteristics.

                     In general, the back of wall covering now has product characteristic labels. When selecting the front pattern, remember to look at the functional icon labels on the back and ask the sales staff to understand its functional characteristics.

                     1. Check whether the wall surface is clean and level before pasting the wall covering, and the surface of the wall surface is free from looseness and falling off.

                     2. Special tools for sticking wall covering are preferably professional wall covering knives.

                     3. Brush the wall base film on the wall surface first, and adjust the wall cloth glue in proportion.  Add 2.5 kilograms of water to 2 kilograms of glue in batches.  Do not add water for the first time and stir well.  Add 0.5kg of water for the second time, stir well, then add rubber powder and stir well.  Add 0.5kg of water for the third time and stir well.  Add the remaining water for the fourth time and stir well.  A bucket of glue can stick 25 - 30 square meters.

                     4. After the basement membrane is dried, start rolling and brushing the wall cloth glue from a certain internal corner of the wall. Generally, one wall is rolled and brushed, and the wall covering is pasted after rolling up and down evenly.

                     5, put the wall cloth straight along the wall, the upper height is the same as the wall height, the lower end will use an article to cushion the whole roll of wall cloth on the top of the skirting line.

                     6. Roll out the wall covering and stick the wall covering on the wall with a scraper. The order is from inside to side. Stick the wall cloth up and down together and then continue the paving in this order.

                     7, such as Yin Angle is straight, don't have to clip can continue, the above this roll exhibition construction.  If the internal angle is not straight, the wall covering can be lapped and cut at the internal angle.

                     8. Measure the length from the pubic angle to the pubic angle, leaving a little room to trim the wall covering. Straighten both ends from top to bottom and scrape them from inside to side.

                     9. Wipe off the excess mucilage around wall covering with a clean wet towel.

                     10. After pasting, wall covering will conduct a comprehensive inspection and find bubbles and blisters. Use a domestic steam iron.

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